Homeschooling while Mom is Out of Commission

It has been quiet here, I know….Amidst all the busyness of life, we were preparing for a trip to the Netherlands, to attend 2 weddings from my siblings, and do some visiting and sight seeing. It was an amazing trip, but packed full of activities.


Our family by the Porta Nigra in Trier, Germany.


Visiting a Medieval Castle, ‘het Muiderslot’


At the beach – Scheveningen, Netherlands

When we came home,things did not feel right. I was about 22 weeks along with my pregnancy then. The Monday after I was sent for another ultrasound, and diagnosed with placenta previa. Long story short, it means a lot of resting and taking it very easy. But how to do that when you have 8 children from 15 years of age down to 20 months and homeschooling?

First, I have had to change my plans and adjust my curriculum somewhat for now. We will be doing a lot of reading out loud, some more textbook independent work and most of this around my lazy-boy. 🙂 I have the computer set up right beside me, so we can also watch some educational dvd’s right here, or do some internet research as we go along.

We are focusing on the essentials for now, and when the time comes again, we’ll delve into extra- curricular activities. We are also spending more time on things we would have left for last before, such as crocheting and knitting.

The children are helping very much, and can do much more than we often give them credit for. Also, I have had to learn to accept help and meals from others, and I can only say that we have been so blessed with lots of both!!

Although I’m hoping this condition will not last the entire pregnancy ( I have heard positive stories of the placenta moving), these times are times of learning in different ways. Learning to be patient, not to rely on your own strength, and to trust the Lord to do what’s best, even when you would rather see things to happen differently.

I came across a few websites and blogs that may help you if you’re also in a time of bed rest, or for some other reason are out of commission. May you be blessed in all that you do!

Summer update…

It has been a long time again since I posted last time… ( I am not going to apologize this time…:-)…life was/is busy!), I thought I’d post a few pictures of what we have been busy with.




Building a tornado in a bottle. I gave my son a library book about kinetic experiments and this is what he came up with!

IMG_1012 IMG_1011


Raising chicks for meat. My oldest son just picked them up yesterday.

IMG_1007 IMG_1001


Making salsa. 






IMG_0890IMG_0899IMG_0914 The Bontrager Family with our children.

IMG_0910We heard the Bontrager Family Singers 2 years ago. They travel trough North America and were in our area earlier this month. Since our children love following their blog, we invited them over to our place. It was very nice meeting them in person and visiting with them. 🙂 Here is a link to their website:


One of the pieces they play is called “Sibling Cooperation’: Watch this:


IMGP0923  IMGP0935Walking the AT walk for a cure. AT is a rare disease ( Ataxia-telangiectasia) and our children have participated in this fundraiser for a number of years.

IMG_0730 IMG_0729 IMG_0727 IMG_0726 IMG_0725


Practicing survival skills in our own yard! Learning happens everywhere and all the time! 🙂

Excuse the layout in this post. I tried to arrange the pictures better, but somehow they did not cooperate with me…;-), so I will just leave it the way it is.