Too little time or…priorities?

What was I thinking? Last week I have thought that quite a few times…Why did I ever start a blog, and then don’t even post for more than 2 weeks?

Does it prove I am too busy and have too many things on my plate, or is it just real life? 🙂 I honestly did not seem to have any time to sit down and spend some undisturbed time behind my computer.

Do I really practice what I preach, or can I just blame the circumstances? Kids that have to brought and picked up from their jobs, music lessons, karate lessons, piano festivals – in which 3 of our children played, but of course they were scheduled to play on separate days…:-( So, more afternoons spent at the church where they performed than at home where my laundry was waiting….and dishes…and mess…..and my blog….;-)

I guess we will all have to have a good look at our lives if we are feeling overwhelmed. Are we really too busy with things that can wait until we are in a different stage of life, or is it just the way it is, and we’ll deal with it best as we can? Yes, I could cut everything out, but certain things we as a family value very much. Such as music. So I will drive them to those performances. Gladly. And that they have a summer job for about 6 weeks? Some hard manual labor ( asparagus picking outside) is good for my children, so yes, I will bring them there.

But my laundry not done, or my house a mess…I guess, sometimes I could blame my organization skills that need more attention. I do have to be more consistent with my children and check if their chores are done well. I should probably not read so late at night ( when the house is soooo nice and quiet..:), so I could get up bright and early. So yes, there is always room for improvement.

On top of that, when spring/summer approaches, it seems as if the children just get lured outside, and it’s hard for them to keep their noses in a book. I also seem to think that because of that, maybe we should try some other curriculum, or do a total home school ‘makeover’. Which is not necessary of course, but also in that area we may need to set some other priorities.

So, I’m glad to have seen this Build Your Bundle website. ( I am not an affiliate, but I just wanted to share it with you). It may just give some options for either the summer, or for some extra curriculum, or until you have decided what path you will take next…:-)



It runs until the end of the week, so if you are interested, have a look. There is something for everyone at steeply discounted prices!

So, if nothing gets posted on this blog for a while, I guess we’re living real life! 🙂

PS: I started reading the book “Desperate”, after someone at our home school convention recommended it. I haven’t finished it – no time yet…;-), but so far it seems like a very good book. Anyone read it? What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Too little time or…priorities?

  1. Domestic Engineer says:

    Hi! That you have less time to blog but are spending the time with the children teaching them character (hard work, music lessons etc) just means that you have your priorities straight:) Summer is a busy but beautiful time. How about we worry about books again when the leaves start falling and enjoy the flowers, garden, nature with the family? Have a great summer! 🙂


  2. rozendaalfamily says:

    Yes, you’re right! Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what I think others expect of me, or what I perceive as being important…It’s important to keep our priorities straight! Thanks for commenting. 🙂


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