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I thought I should write a post about some of the books and resources we have used in teaching our children, and also those that we have used to educate ourselves as parents. There are so many good and useful sources of information, and I thought to just share what we have come across in our years of homeschooling. Feel free to comment and add your recommendations to what’s mentioned here, for I am sure this is by no means an exhaustive list!

Books ( Parents’ Resources)

Educating the Wholehearted Child – Clay and Sally Clarkson

Large Family Logistics – Kim Brenneman

Managers of their Chores – Steve and Teri Maxwell ( also available: Managers of their Schools, Managers of their Homes)

Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends – Sarah, Stephen and Grace Mally

Shepherding a Child’s Heart – Tedd Trip

Indoctrination movie – Colin Gunn

Agenda documentary – Curtis Bowers

For Children (Teaching Materials):

God’s Mighty Acts in Creation  – Starr Meade and also her other books: Grandpa’s Box, Gods’ Mighty Acts in Salvation, Comforting Hearts, Teaching Minds ( on the Heidelberg Catechism), Keeping Holiday

Bible Doctrine for Younger / Older Children – James Beeke (Reformed Bible Doctrine)

What Does The Bible Say About That? – Kevin Swanson

Christian Heroes series – Janet and Geoff Benge

Boyhood and Beyond – Bob Schultz  ( also: Practical Happiness and Created for Work)

Christian Liberty Nature Readers – Christian Liberty Press


Mystery of History – Linda Lacour Hobar

Switched on Schoolhouse

Sonlight Curriculum

Drive Thru History DVD Series – Dave Stotts

See the Light Art Curriculum – Pat Knepley

Visual Latin – Dwane Thomas

Math Tutor DVD’s 

Any DVD’s from Answers in Genesis ( for example: Creation Proclaims: Climbers and Creepers)

Websites: ( download onto your computer, and search and study the Bible)

How It’s Made videos

Joe Genius ( Backyard Science Experiments)

Some apps we like:

Stack the Countries ( also available ” Stack the States”)iPhone Screenshot 2

Virtual Nerd – maybe you don’t like the name, but the content is very good! 🙂 There is an app, and a website: . Over 1,500 video lessons covering Middle Grades Math through Algebra 2.

Mathtopia – Practice Math Facts

This list is not at all complete, but if you send me your input and what you have come across ( it doesn’t have to be only homeschool related) , I will add it to this list. I can make a PDF file of it, and email it to you if you are interested. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂






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