With a large family, but even with a smaller family, there is always enough work to be done. Besides being a mom, wife, teacher, there are so many other responsibilities that we have been given to do. The Bible speaks of being a ‘keeper at home’. Titus 2:5 says : “To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.”(KJV) I don’t think that means you always have to be at home in order to fulfill what it says here, but we have certain duties that simply cannot be done if we are often away from our home.

One of the ways we can manage the work that there is in and around the house, is to get our children involved. It teaches them responsibility, and how to serve others with a cheerful attitude. Of course, this is a process that takes time. We have to be patiently teaching them the skills and the right attitude in how to perform these tasks.

Here are a few resources we have used – and sometimes set aside for a while – but they may be helpful for you.

Managers of their Chores. Very detailed plans and schedules to help you set up a chore schedule that suits your family.

Large Family Logistics – a very useful book that can be used to refer back to time and again. I really like her idea of using a timer. 🙂

There are also lots of good blogs out there that have a lot of helpful information, such as on Raising Arrows, HodgePodge Housekeeping Habits, and Raising Olives.

Some ideas we have gleaned from all these various resources are Morning Chores (before breakfast), Table Chores and Jurisdictions – we also have called it Tidy Time..:-). Late afternoon, everybody cleans up their designated area so it looks tidy when dad comes home. 🙂 At times we tweak the schedules if it is not working, but try to keep it going if it works well, so we have some consistency in what we’re doing.

If you like using technology, there are also apps that can be used for chores. One of them we used for a while is Chorepad, but we went back to the pen and paper checklists. 😉

Maybe you can share what works for you, and I’ll add any suggestions you have to the link/resources page of this blog.

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